Special Edition Falling for the Beat (Paperback)


Signed (with option to personalize) special edition paperback of Falling for the Beat


What do rules and hearts have in commonTheir ability to be broken.


Rule number one when it comes to relationships: don’t. Especially if I work for him.

For the last six years I’ve had one goal in mind—become a music therapist. I’m almost there.
But as a favor to a friend, I show up to an interview for a nanny position. And fall in love with a four-year-old boy whose words are anything but verbal. The only problem? His dad is Chris Rivera, aka Topher Rivers, the bassist for Just One Yesterday. And it only took one glance to fall for his charm.

Getting involved with a musician? Been there, done that, and shredded the souvenir concert t-shirt.

So why can’t I stay away?


I’ve made a career out of breaking the rules. Otherwise my band would have never made it out of the garage.

Jessie Bryant is all about rules. As my four-year-old son’s nanny, she makes me want to create a few of my own. Rule number one: ignore my attraction to the woman thirteen years my junior. Especially when she works for me. When that proves impossible, I want to ball her rules up and throw them in the trash. Because every day it gets harder not to imagine what she tastes like… what she feels like… what she would look like in my bed.

I’ve never been good at following the rules. And her rules are ones I’m going to enjoy breaking.


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