Tomorrow marks the release of the last book in the Heart Beats series. I know I haven’t done one of these posts for a release day in a while even though I love to capture what I’m thinking at this point in each book’s journey. It’s a trip to read through those first few blogs when I was still trying to make this dream a reality. 

Truth is, being a full time mom, HR person, and writer is hella busy. My dream is becoming clearer and clearer though. To continue to create characters and worlds for a living and that takes time. Whereas I used to read a book or two a week (or more), I can’t remember the last time I sat down and was able to read. 

It’s been a whirlwind year and almost half since Written in the Beat released. A little over two years since I started actively working on publishing. For the first time since I released Written in the Beat, my stomach is full of butterflies. Maybe it’s the surreal moment that the series is done. The characters are still there, and they’ll pop up later, but it’s different. 

Written in the Beat started as a stand-alone called Heart Beats. Then I knew Meredith had to have her story. Then Nick dropped his bombshell and stepped up to the plate as her hero (was NOT expecting that and I know there is a love/hate relationship with him). Dylan and Claire had their story to tell too. Garrett and Mia were a fun side story and also gave me insight into Michaela King, the OW in Written in the Beat, that got me thinking. Her love story with West was a complete surprise. I didn’t expect to tell the OW story since it’s never been one of my favorite tropes. But there was something there that had to be told. And her love story with West is still one of my favorites. 

Now we’re at Jessie’s love story. The spitfire stereotypical sixteen year old in Written in the Beat is all grown up and has demons all her own to deal with. She needed a strong hero and Chris exceeded my expectations with his dirty-talking, deep hearted ways. And Gage. Gah! Talk about stealing the show!! 

So what comes next? I’m already hard at work and you’ll definitely see some of your favorite characters and hopefully meet a few more. 

I only wish Nate were here to see this. To watch something unfold that he put in motion with his belief in me. As these characters have grown, the last year and a half has also meant growth for me and for the Twins. But he’s never far from our thoughts. 

Always in All Ways. 

I’ll end with this. Thank you. Thank you for falling in love with these characters, for your support, and for your not-so-quiet requests to see more stories. Thank you to author mentors, to author buddies and wives, to awesome PAs, to editors, to cover designers, and to readers. To the family that has supported this journey and to friends that have become family. 

My love to you all,