Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (Illustrated Cover)


Signed (with option to personalize) paperback of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree with illustrated cover



This year, rockin’ around the Christmas tree has a new meaning.


Evan Andrews is a grinch. I don’t know why he hates me so much, but I have no problem giving just as good as I get from him.

And that includes kissing me senseless.

Now that he has, I won’t let it stop there. Good girls may end up on the nice list, but the naughty ones get Os for Christmas.


Lilah Stevens is as rock and roll as elevator music with her classical training. Too used to Daddy’s credit card to be taken seriously. I didn’t want her to be our replacement keyboardist. But I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to find out if her lips taste as good as they look.

They’re better—a mix of cupcakes and rebellion. And one kiss isn’t enough.

The label says I can’t have her. But maybe Santa can give me exactly what I want this Christmas.


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