Midnight in Mistletoe Discreet Paperback


Signed (with option to personalize) discreet cover of Midnight in Mistletoe


Nothing good happens after midnight…or does it?

One night of living Cinderella’s fairy tale led to the most incredible experience of my life. No names. No identities. Just two strangers indulging in toe-curling fantasy.

But fairy tales don’t exist, right? Certainly not when he shows up at my door one month later.

My sexy Prince Charming turns out to be my stepbrother…and he’s spending the holidays with us so there’s no escape. He has two objectives: judging my family’s bed and breakfast, The Glass Slipper, and trying to pick up where we left off. And with every mind-blowing kiss, I’m forgetting why we can’t.

Our clock already struck midnight and I learned a long time ago not to mix business with pleasure. But what if my stepbrother is the happily ever after I’ve always wanted?


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