One Weekend in Vegas


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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what about when it happens outside of Vegas?

With your best friend’s older brother—a man you can’t stand, except in the bedroom—for example.

Don’t ask me. All I know is here we are.

But even my lack of understanding doesn’t stop me from hooking up with Ryder Powell  again and again and again, even as I promise myself that each time will be the last. Only now I have something to tell him. Something that will change his life.

It’s been eight weeks since I saw him, and the not-so-little souvenir he left me with is growing bigger by the day.

Ryder is a world-famous rockstar—and now he’s going to be a dad. Though I’m not sure how he’ll take the news.

With only forty-eight hours to tell him, all I can do is hope that he’s the man I want him to be. The man I need him to be. Because it’s not just me anymore.

One weekend in Vegas…what’s the worst that can happen?


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